Spain Desert Elopement at Bardenas Reales

Spain is one of those places that almost always gets on people’s list of places to go for day trips while visiting Europe. It is beautiful! But, what most people don’t know about Spain is that it is an incredibly diverse country. It has lakes, volcanos, mountains, beaches, you name it. One natural park in particular that we love in Spain is called Bardenas Reales Desert, which makes for one of our favourite locations to recommend to couples thinking to elope in Spain. If you think that Spain is just beaches and bikinis, then you have yet to explore the real wonders of the heart of Spain— that’s mostly why I want to share with you this Spain Desert Elopement at Bardenas Reales.

A Desert Elopement Location in Spain

You might not believe me, but you only need to travel about about 2 hours out of Madrid city to find this desert in Spain. If you head north from Madrid into the province of Zaragoza, you’ll eventually find a desert in the middle of a natural park. If you’re looking for a unique location for your Spain elopement, then let the photos speak for themselves. Take a look at these beautiful elopement photos all at the same location: Bardenas Reales Desert.

Bardenas Reales— Spain’s Best Desert Elopement Location

As a part of our job as photographers in Madrid, we are always searching for locations for couples to elope at. Ever since we found Bardenas Reales Desert, we’ve brought couples back here countless times because it’s just so gorgeous. This desert natural park is the perfect spot for your Spain elopement if you’re looking for something secluded in nature and intimate. Not to mention you don’t have to worry about permits or anything in order to freely have an elopement ceremony anywhere at the desert.

Preparing for Your Spain Desert Elopement at Bardenas Reales:

If you’re planning to elope in Spain, hurray, we’re glad you’re here! Here’s our best tips for preparing and having success with a Spain Desert Elopement at Bardenas Reales:

  • Plan for a good time of year and day. To beat the heat and the cold, the best times for elopements at Bardenas Reales is either in the spring / early summer or fall (March-July; Sept.-Nov.). The best lighting for your photoshoot would be an hour and a half before sunset— if you hire us to be your photographers, we will create a timeline for you and hook you up with the best local vendors such as a celebrant and florist. Note: This location is quite windy.

  • Transportation to Bardenas Reales Desert. This one is a bit tricky. Since it’s a natural park, there aren’t any public transportation options. Even if you get to Zaragoza, the park is an hour and a half drive from the actual city of Zaragoza. If you hire us to be your photographers, however, we offer a carpool from Madrid or Zaragoza included in the photoshoot price.

  • Wear comfortable shoes! You won’t regret this one! This location in particular has a small rubbly hike to the viewpoint where the best photos are, so wearing a pair of comfy shoes to get there is something we always suggest.

  • Bring props: a bouquet, a blanket, etc. We highly recommend getting a flower bouquet to compliment your dress in the photos! Feel free to bring whatever else you’d like to incorporate in your elopement. Go ahead and bring your pet, some champagne, that guitar, those hand-written vows, a picnic— we want to capture whatever you like doing most together!

  • Have fun. Don’t worry about the cameras and the posing. That’s our job as the photographers! All you need to do is enjoy the moment with the one you love the most, and make it a fun date night! I promise you’ll be having a good time 15 minutes into your photoshoot.

An Elopement Ceremony at Bardenas Reales

This beautiful couple just had a simple exchanging of vows at the top of the Castildetierra photo location. A lot of the times, couples have a ceremony orchestrated by one of our favourite celebrants in Madrid, Stefan. Needless to say, we love working with him because Stefan is absolutely incredible at drawing out the very best in each couple. A symbolic elopement ceremony is a perfect compliment to an elopement day to ensure memories to last their lifetime. (Interested in adding video to your elopement? Check out our videos here)!

Top Spain Wedding Photographers

One name: Jake + Genessa Photography!

So, I hope this has been helpful for you as you plan your Elopement in Spain! We have so many more locations up our sleeve, so if you want to get access to our private Spain Elopement Locations Map, feel free to contact us about it!

Thanks for checking out our Spain Desert Elopement at Bardenas Reales! Are you still looking for your Spain elopement photographer? Pick us! We would love to hang out and get to know you better, and you’ll get amazing photos! Contact us here to have your photos by us!

Spain Elopement Packages

Our Spain elopement packages are about so much more than just photography. We’ll guide you through the whole process of planning your elopement in Spain, helping you to find the most epic locations and put you in contact with the best vendors.

Our Spain Elopement packages range from 700€ to 1,500€ and include all travel expenses.

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