Preparing for your Photoshoot

Now that you’ve booked your photoshoot, it’s time to dig into the details! There is a lot of prep that goes into the shoot on the our end, but there are a few things you can do to make the photoshoot easy and fluid, too.

let’s get started

What to expect:

Your job now is just to sit back and relax! Trust us with finding the perfect locations and making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. We promise:

  • We won’t make you pose the entire time.
  • Instead, we’ll give you prompts such as “hold hands and walk in front of us”, or “pick her up and twirl her around”!
  • We direct when direction is needed.
  • It’s going to be stress-free, logistically.
getting down to the details

What to wear:

What you wear has a huge effect on how you feel, and the photos are going to capture how you feel. If you’re feeling lost, here are some tips:


  • Wear something you’re comfortable in.
  • Wear colours that match.
  • Wear colours that match your complexion— check this guide out.
  • Neutrals are always a good idea (white, black, grey, or browns).
  • Feel free to bring an outfit change of clothes for a different look! One elegant, and the other can be more casual— this adds more variety and diversity to the photos.


  • Multiple colours— the more colours, the more distracting.
  • Stay away from multiple clashing patterns (plaid, stripes, checkers, spots, etc.)
final details

What to bring:

Start by taking into consideration the weather and the location of your photoshoot.

  • If we’re doing a sunset mountain photoshoot, bring headlamps.
  • Bring a change of clothes for walking in, if you prefer.
  • Bring a pair of comfy walking shoes— we will be walking and/or hiking a lot!


We recommend:

  • Bring any props you’d like to have featured in your photos!
  • A bouquet or floral accessory. This really adds to the photos— Contact us if you need help finding one!
  • If you’re nervous, bring a bottle of champagne or whatever you like to crack open!

We will bring:

  • Water bottles for hiking and/or hot days.
  • If requested, we can bring props like a blanket or fairy lights.

And if you really want to add a little something more…

Hair & Makeup Services

If you’re looking to have that extra pop for your photoshoot.

Highlights Video

Live the moments again through video!

You can always email us if you’ve decided to add something to your package.

Let us know!