Segovia After-wedding Photoshoot

Segovia is one of those places that doesn’t always make the top on “must see” locations in Spain, ’cause it doesn’t have the ocean, or warm weather all year round. BUT what you can expect from Segoiva is some pretty amazing natural backdrops! If you think that Spain is just beaches and bikinis, then you have yet to explore the real wonders of the heart of Spain. That’s mostly why I want to share with you this Segovia After Wedding Photoshoot.

After Wedding Photoshoot in Segovia, Spain

As a part of our job as photographers in Madrid, Jake and I actually location-scout! We love finding places that fit our couples perfectly. In this case, we searched for a bit until we found a beautiful, secluded hidden gem in Segovia, just an hours drive from Madrid. The perfect place for an After-Wedding Photoshoot!

Hoces del Rio Duraton— Segovia’s Hidden Gem

You might not believe me, but you only need to travel an hour out of Madrid city to find this absolutely jaw-dropping location. If you head north from Madrid into Segovia, you’ll eventually find Hoces del Rio Duraton, which I like to call “Spain’s Horseshoe Bend”. If that doesn’t convince you already, then let the photos speak for themselves. We took these photos at Hoces del Rio Duraton in Segovia.

Preparing for Your After-Wedding Photos in Segovia:

If you’ve recently gotten married, hurray! Now that you’re planning your after-wedding photoshoot, there are some things to consider. Here’s our best tips for preparing and having success with our after-wedding sessions:

  • Plan for a good time of year and day. To beat the heat and the cold, the best times for photoshoots in Segovia is either in the spring or fall (March-June; Sept.-Nov.). You’ll want to check the weather before your photoshoot in order to make sure you’ve got clear skies for a beautiful sunset. The best time for your photoshoot would be an hour and a half before sunset.

  • Wear comfortable shoes! You won’t regret this one! This location in particular has a small rubbly hike to the viewpoint where the best photos are, so wearing a pair of comfy shoes to get there is something we always suggest.

  • Bring props, or something that represents you as a couple. We love to make each and every single photoshoot unique to you, so go ahead and bring that guitar, those hand-written vows, a picnic— we want to capture whatever you like doing most together!

  • Have fun. Don’t worry about the cameras and the posing. That’s our job as the photographers! All you need to do is enjoy the moment with the one you love the most, and make it a fun date night! I promise you’ll be having a good time 15 minutes into your photoshoot.

Why Segovia is the Perfect Place for After-Wedding Photos

Now, we’ve all seen the typical after-wedding photos that can be corny sometimes, haven’t we? Maybe you’re just not convinced of the typical “trash the dress” photos you’ve seen (some are just yikes). Why do we love this location in Segovia so much? Because its different, wild, and your friends are going to be jealous that they didn’t think of going to a cool place like this for their wedding photos. Segovia offers a breathtakingly natural outdoors setting for your after wedding photos that you won’t be able to find anywhere else— your friends and family will be blown away by how unique your wedding photos are!

Top Segovia Wedding Photographers

One name: Jake + Genessa Photography!

So, I hope this has been helpful for you as you plan your wedding photos! And, there’s a bunch more tips and tricks that you can feel free to contact us about!

Thanks for checking out our unique Segovia After Wedding Session! Are you still looking for your wedding photographer? Pick us! We would love to hang out and get to know you better, and you’ll get amazing photos! Contact us here to have your photos by us!

Segovia Couple + Engagement Packages

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