Where to Propose in Madrid (Updated for 2025)


Hey! We’re Jake + Genessa. We are English-speaking wedding photographers based in Madrid, Spain, and we know this city like the back of our hand. Most importantly, we know all the ins-and-outs and logistics of proposing in Madrid, and we’re here to help you! Here is our top list on where to propose in Madrid! Enjoy!

Updated for 2025: This list is updated for 2025, so these are the freshest proposal spots we know of in Madrid! If you’re planning to pop the question in Madrid, then you’re probably looking for all the insider tips. You’ve hit the jackpot! Not only do we photograph proposals, but we help you plan them, too.

You won’t find all these tips for proposal locations in Madrid on other blogs— because we know all the hidden gems, coming from people who actually live in Madrid.

Table of Contents: Where to Propose in Madrid

  • Viewpoint of Almudena Cathedral
  • Crystal Palace (Retiro Park)
  • Puerta de Alcala
  • Alfonso III Monument (Retiro Park)
  • Jardin El Capricho
  • Mountains of Madrid (La Sierra)
  • Extras: Rose Garden, Sabatani Gardens, Royal Palace.
  • Tips: Madrid Proposal Photographers, When to Propose in Madrid

Where to Propose in Madrid, Spain

1. Viewpoint of Almudena Cathedral

This Viewpoint of Almudena Cathedral is our favourite spot in Madrid to propose! As you’ll see below, it’s got a lot of pros and not a lot of cons. It’s a stunning view and you’ll get the privacy you want for such a special moment. We’ve shot here before and it without a doubt takes 1st place on our list. If you want to know how to get to this location and when the best time to propose here is, send us a message!


  • Beautiful view of the cathedral Almudena in the background
  • Secluded
  • Not a lot of people


  • A bit tricky to locate

2. Crystal Palace (Palacio de Cristal)

A popular choice; but it’s popular because it really is stunning!! There’s one spot we know right in front of the lake that showcases the Crystal Palace in the background— which works especially well for a surprise proposal— and you get good lighting and greenery in your photos, too! You can’t go wrong here.


  • Showcases Madrid
  • Crystal palace and lake view in the background
  • Perfect at sunset


  • Not a lot of privacy
  • Can be crowded

3. Puerta de Alcala

This monument is an absolutely stunning backdrop for a proposal! It’s located right outside of Retiro Park, so you can go and take more photos in the park afterward (or disguise the whole thing as just a casual walk in the park!). One really nice thing is that the sun sets right behind the monument, so you get some amazing light for your proposal moment. There are lots of people taking photos here, naturally (because it’s a beautiful spot), and it’s also in the middle of a crosswalk. But the monument itself is undeniably beautiful and one really special place to pop the question.


  • Beautiful background of the Puerta de Alcala monument
  • A good option for any time of day
  • Showcases Madrid


  • Not a lot of privacy
  • Can be crowded

4. Alfonso III Monument (Retiro Park)

This monument is located right beside the manmade lake in the centre of Retiro Park. In the mornings, this location is usually empty and you have the place to yourself! highly recommend for a sunrise / early morning proposal.


  • You’ll have the place to yourself in the morning
  • In the heart of Retiro Park with lots of photo locations nearby
  • Iconic Madrid location


  • Crowded during the day

5. Jardin El Capricho

It’s like Retiro Park but with wayyyy less people, because not a lot of tourists know about it! It’s got tons of greenery and cool monuments— there’s an arc at the top of a hill that would be absolutely perfect for the proposal moment! The locals know and love the place, and that’s why we suggest it in our list of where to propose in Madrid if you’re looking for something unique and less touristy.


  • Secluded and spacious
  • Not a lot of people to get in the way
  • Lots of green
  • Garden vibes


  • Only open on weekends
  • Closes at 6pm

6. The Mountains of Madrid (La Sierra)

Now this one you won’t find on any other blogs, but it’s our favourite! If you’re into nature, and you would rather propose somewhere out in the middle of nowhere with spectacular views, then La Sierra de Madrid has so many good spots to choose from. The mountains have a ton of beautiful spots perfect for a proposal, and if you need help finding the perfect spot and getting photos like these, send us a message on Instagram and we can help you with all the planning!


  • Spectacular mountaintop views
  • A unique experience
  • She probably won’t be expecting it!
  • You get amazing photos that all your friends will be jealous of.


  • You’ll need a car to get there (or, if you want us to be your photographers, we will drive you!)

Runners Up

Here are a few more locations that we think are great places to propose in Madrid:

When’s the best time to Propose in Madrid?

The best and most popular time to propose in Madrid is either between April-July or September-November. Although, Madrid offers amazing locations for your proposal any time of year. If you want the best weather, aim for fall. If you’re looking for something festive, the holidays are your best bet— especially near Christmastime, because of Madrid’s magical downtown Christmas lights.

Top Madrid Proposal Photographers

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