Planning a Surprise Proposal in Mykonos, Greece (Updated for 2021)

So, you want to propose in Mykonos, Greece? This is the right place to be! We’re European Photographers who have built our brand around couples, engagements, and weddings. I love Mykonos, and I’m about to tell you all about planning a surprise proposal in Mykonos, Greece.

Planning Your Mykonos Engagement

I don’t know what stage you’re in in your planning, but you’ve come here for some help. If theres something you need to figure out, you’ll find your answers here.

Best advice for planning a proposal:

  • Incorporate the little things. The most romantic things usually aren’t expensive. It’s the things that are important to her. Example: incorporate a favourite song you have together.
  • Maintain the element of surprise. Don’t make a big deal about the outing/event/date you have planned. DO get people working together to keep your secret (get family and friends in on the whole thing). Ask family and close friends what they think will surprise her— it’s good to get all the help you can!
  • Set up for success. Anything you can do to add a little bit of flair to the set up will go a long way. Even if it’s not much, she’ll notice you put effort into it, 100%. Examples: her favourite flowers, string lights, or a hand-written note full of inside jokes, memories, and maybe a printed photo of you both (embrace it, man).

Where to Plan a Surprise Proposal in Mykonos, Greece

On Mykonos you’ll also find beautiful beaches, white-washed streets, Greek architecture, white churches and windmills, and a warm culture that seems to captivate travellers. When you’re planning a surprise proposal in Mykonos, you want to take some things into consideration:

  1. How busy will the place I’m planning to propose be?
  2. What time does the sun set? And where does it set? (For photos).

Best places to propose in Mykonos, Greece:

When to Propose in Mykonos, Greece

Stuck on when to plan your trip to Mykonos, Greece? Mykonos has a Mediterranean climate, so the sun shines for up to 300 days a year. The rainy or cooler season only lasts from October until March. Anytime between March and September will be perfect for a surprise proposal in Mykonos, Greece.

Climate + Weather

Although temperatures can rise as high as 40 °C (104 °F) in the summer months, average high temperature is around 28 °C (82 °F) and because of the seasonal cool “meltemi” wind, summer days are dry, sunny and pleasant.

Travel Restrictions in Mykonos

Keep up to date with the COVID-19 travel restrictions that are in place! Make sure you’re looking at updated information, and then plan your trip and flights accordingly.

As of December 3rd, 2020, all people traveling to Greece from foreign countries will be required to have a negative molecular test result (PCR) for COVID-19, performed up to 72 hours before their entry to Greece.

Why Get Professional Engagement Photos?

We’ve photographed a handful of surprise proposals, and let me tell you that getting photos of the genuine surprise on her face when she sees you kneel and ask her will be one of the best investments you can make. If you’ve never had professional photos taken of you guys, this is the perfect time to set that up (and you’re going need photos for your save the dates, anyway!).

Here’s how you can incorporate your photographer into the surprise:

  • Tell your S/O you have a photoshoot planned for that day. Even that in itself is exciting. Make sure you tell the photographer beforehand that during the photoshoot you’re planning to propose, and chances are they’ll even help with finding an amazing location and be 100% on board!
  • Tell the photographer where and when you’re planning to propose— and have them wait for the exact moment to start taking photos! We’ve done this a couple times, and it couldn’t have went more smoothly. You can view a gallery of ours of a surprise proposal in Madrid here.
  • Or, alternatively, soon after you propose, have a photoshoot lined up and take engagement photos.

It’s us! Jake and Genessa, European Wedding Photographers

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