We’ve always loved Madrid, and so we can see how people are drawn here for vacations to feel the culture, see the architecture, and taste the food. It was no surprise when we were contacted by Kenny, who was coming from the UK to visit Madrid with his girlfriend, Simran.

They had planned an entire two-week vacation together, going to a bunch of different places, and decided to make Madrid their last destination. We don’t blame them, because Madrid would have been on our list too! Anyway, we were absolutely stoked when Kenny contacted us about taking photos for them in Madrid. We suggested a location, Templo Debod, for him and it seemed like a perfect fit.

Kenny went on to say this was actually more than just a photoshoot. He had planned his entire vacation planning to propose to Simran at the end! So, you can imagine how much more excited we were! And the absolute best part was that Simran had absolutely NO CLUE about what was going to happen.

The Proposal

When it was finally the day, Jake and I were so excited we came early to scout the best places and where the sun would be setting. Kenny was texting Jake a lot of the time to make sure everything was going as planned.

We got a text that read, “we’ll be where you are in 5 minutes”. So we literally ran and hid behind some bushes, lol! Finally, as we are people watching, we spot them. They are walking around, and Kenny had told us that it was here where he would pop the question. As soon as we see them face each other, we’re like, “this is it!!” and we start making our way sneakily toward them.

He does it. He’s on one knee. He’s holding a ring, and we have the photos to prove that SHE SAID YES!

About Templo Debod

Also, we would 100% go back to Templo Debod for an engagement shoot, because the experience we had was so unforgettable. It’s absolutely gorgeous at sunset. These photos are still some of our very favourite! Maybe it’s because we have a sentimental connection to them, but we still think they’re pretty neat.

Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve been to Templo Debod, and tell us about your experience!

Thank you, Kenny and Simran, for letting us be a part of your story,

Lots of love, Jake + Genessa