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If you’re planning a trip to Madrid with your other half, you’re probably thinking about getting it documented. Madrid is a gorgeous city and is so diverse— from urban settings to amazing natural parks. If you want to explore new places and have a ton of fun doing it, PLUS get outstanding photos, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started! Take a look at these stunning Madrid Mountain Engagement Photos at La Pedriza!

Mountain Engagement Photos at La Pedriza

La Pedriza is located about an hour and a half from the centre of Madrid. While it is a bit of a drive, it’s absolutely worth it if you love getting outdoors. It’s the perfect spot for engagement photos for couples who love being a bit adventurous, and who don’t mind hiking a bit for some amazing views!

The mountain range of La Pedriza is pretty well known, with trails and landmarks so that it’s easy to navigate around. This makes it pretty easy for you to access some really cool locations for the perfect mountain engagement photos.

Photos of the Sierra de Madrid Mountain Range

To get amazing engagement photos, timing is pretty crucial. Especially if you’re high on the mountain, and there’s not a lot of shade to work with. The BEST time to take photos is right before sunset, and you’ll see in the photos below that you’ll get a soft light over the mountains, rather than harsh rays.

You want to make time for hiking to the spot you want to take photos at, so calculating when the sun sets and when you start hiking will be a huge help in the final result of your engagement photos at La Pedriza!

La Pedriza Mountain Sunset Photos

Spain is known for its truly incredible sunsets. If you’re lucky, the clouds in the sky will be painted all kinds of colours when the sun sets! That’s why planning your mountain engagement photoshoots around sunset time is the best!

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Due to the affects of the coronavirus, vacations plans seem like they’re suspended for the moment. However, in the near future we expect that life will return to normal, and Madrid will be one of the most bustling places in the world again! And just because you can’t go physically now, doesn’t mean you can’t start planning! Thanks for scrolling through this gallery of Madrid mountain engagement photos at La Pedriza.

Image credit? We shot all the images! Hey! We’re Madrid wedding photographers! As a result, if you’re planning your wedding or a trip to Spain or anywhere in Europe, we’re here to make it an unforgettable experience for the two of you!. Contact us if you want a photoshoot like this!