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Barcelona Elopement at Morro D’Labella

Barcelona is the top visited city in Spain— and for a whole lot of great reasons. The Sagrada Familia, the Gaudi Architecture, walking along the beach and seeing the famous Hotel Vela. It’s one of the most romantic cities in the world, ’cause it’s just so dang unique and stunning. If you’re planning your elopement in Barcelona, it’ll be one of the best choices you’ve ever made. Also, you’re going to want to get it documented. Take a look at this stunning Barcelona Elopement at Morro D’Labella to get your creative juices flowing!

Why Elopement in Barcelona?

Basically, Barcelona has it all. It has beaches, mountains, and forests. Whatever vibe you’re going for your elopement, you can find it in Barcelona. For this particular elopement, the mountains won the bet. There are a bunch of places within a 1-hour drive of Barcelona city that have amazing views like these.

As a part of our job as photographers in Barcelona, Jake and I actually location-scout! We love finding places that fit our couples perfectly. In this case, we searched for a bit until we found a beautiful, secluded hidden gem.

Morro D’Labella— Barcelona’s Hidden Gem

We found the perfect place. It’s secluded, away from any noise, sort of in the middle of nowhere— Morro D’Labella. It’s kind of only really known by Spaniards, and you won’t find many tourists who know how to get there. There are so many upsides to choose Morro D’Labella for an elopement, and I’ll just name a few:

  1. It has fairly easy access. It’s about a 5-minute hike on a pretty well-marked trail. It’s not strenuous and you won’t be sweaty by the time you get there.
  2. It has incredible views. The unique rocks and river running below are unmatched. If you go shortly before sunset, the clouds and whole landscape are touched by the sun. The photos will be stunning!
  3. A ton of space and seclusion. There’s just enough space for you, your family, and your closest friends. And, because it hasn’t been hyper commercialized, it’s most likely that you’ll be the only ones there.
  4. It’s adventurous and unique. You don’t see elopements at places like this very often. But hey, if you’re eloping, why not make it as memorable and stunning as possible?

There are SOME cons— let’s take a look:

  1. If you’re very afraid of heights, this might not be the best place for your elopement. You’re pretty high up, and there are no guardrails or safety instalments. Not recommended to have kids unattended here for sure.
  2. It’s about a 1.5-hour drive from the city. So, you and your guests will have a bit of a ride to get there. Here’s exactly how you can get there.

Smoke Bombs Elopement Photos

Some extra spice was added to this awesome day when we pulled out some smoke bombs and snapped a bunch of shots with them as the sun was setting. Smoke bombs are such a cool accessory in photos— they add so much colour and depth.

I’m definitely a sucker when it comes to colour. I love anything that adds a pop and brings something to life. Other accessories you can use for you elopement are a floral centrepiece, rugs, sparklers, and glow sticks!

barcelona elopement smoke bombs morro d'labella barcelona elopement photographer

Barcelona Elopement Inspiration?

Elopement planning seem like it’s at a halt right now with the craziness of the coronavirus. The reality is, this is the perfect time to be planning the perfect elopement in Barcelona for when this is all over! I hope these photos have given you everything you need to start your planning for your Barcelona Elopement at Morro D’Labella!

Image Credit?? All images were shot by us— hey! We’re both Barcelona wedding photographers, and we are in love with what we do. Contact us if you want photo like this for your elopement!