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A Greece Vacay, Anyone?

Let me take you through some of my favourite Greek Island engagement photos in Mykonos. Are you planning a trip to Mykonos, Greece? If it’s about time you and your S/O take a dreamy, stress-relieving vacation, you’ll see why the Greek Islands are some of the prettiest places on earth.

The Greek Island Mykonos

Mykonos is pretty dang beautiful. In my opinion, it’s one of the most underrated Greek Islands, because it has a lot to offer that the other islands don’t seem to have. They have a Little Venice, gorgeous white-coated streets and towns, and you can do most if not all of your exploring by foot. There’s an amazing Armenistis Lighthouse that you can’t miss either.

Mykonos also has some of the best amenities of all the Greek islands. For instance, the villas may be luxurious, but their prices aren’t!

Best Locations for Photos in Mykonos

Mykonos is as beautiful as the Greek islands get. I wanna share with you the places that we’ve found while exploring that resulted in these awesome photos! If you’re looking for the perfect instagrammable locations, I got you. Stick around, and I’ll share all the goodness!

First off, if you’re looking for a sweet lookout point where you can see the Mediterranean sea and the myriad of white rooftops, you should head to this cool Mykonos Lookout Point that we found.

Classic White Streets of Little Venice

The next place Jake and I discovered is Mykonos’ Little Venice. It’s rated as the 2nd most popular place visited in Mykonos, and it’s high up there in all of Greece, too. So that’s saying something.

You know those exotic cobblestone white streets with blue balconies? That’s exactly what you can expect from Little Venice. It lives up to every photo, article, and blog you’e ever seen or read about. Because of its hype, the best times to go out to take photos here without being photobombed is the early morning. Otherwise, you might have some pretty crowded streets.

Greek Island Flowers

If you’re going to the Greek Islands anytime in the spring to early summer, you’re going to see some pretty amazing flowers. If you’re like me at all, there’s three things I love to take photos of: sunsets, animals, and flowers. In Greece, they grow EVERYWHERE. As a result, you’re going to be able to get those instagram-worthy pictures for your friends to drool over. Awesome colours to match with the backgrounds of Mykonos are bright colours like red, yellow, and pink. Or, you can match with blue and white.

Greek Island Engagement Photos in Mykonos (Inspiration?)

Has this inspired you to get your engagement photos on an exotic Greek island? Jake and I are more than welcome to help you guys find the perfect location for your photoshoot– we actually love that part of our job! Don’t hesitate to ask us anything here.

If you’re also wedding planning, you’ve probably been considering getting your own photos taken. It’s actually one of the first things you should do in your wedding planning. If you just got engaged and need a nudge in the right direction on where to start, check this out.