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Engagement Session in Banff

If you’ve been dreaming of the perfect location for an engagement session or photoshoot, look no further! Lake Louise in Banff is the hands down one of the most breathtaking places on earth. Why not get photos of you and your S/O at this gorgeous place? Check out this Engagement Session at Lake Louise for all the inspiration you need.

Lake Louise Photo Session

A photo session at Lake Louise is just going to be gorgeous. You can’t go wrong! Because of the beautiful scenery, you just can’t get bad photos. As photographers, Jake and I always say that the 2 things that make or break a photo are the location and the light (if you wanna know all our secrets on getting the best photos, click here). At Lake Louise, you have an abundance of light, and incredible views!

These next couple photos were taken behind the Fairmont Boathouse on the left side of Lake Louise as you walk in through the main entrance.

Sunrise at Lake Louise

As for the lighting, sunset typically would be the best for photos. However, since Lake Louise can get busy (especially in the summer), opting for sunrise is your best bet!

As you can see in the next photos, if you go at sunrise, the light will perfectly hit the mountains in the background. Usually, if it’s not too windy, the lake water will be super still, almost looking like a mirror reflecting the water! And if you’re wondering, YES, the water really is that green!

If you’re wondering what season you should go to Banff, here’s a helpful article on when to go!

Engagement Photo Locations at Lake Louise

In this Engagement Session at Lake Louise, we spent the first half hour taking some photos from the North Lakeside View at the very entrance, with the two mountains directly in the background. This is the view that you’ll get as soon as you walk in, no hiking or anything! That’s what makes Lake Louise such a perfect spot for photos— it’s super accessible. And, because it was early in the morning, there weren’t too many people to get in our shots.

Lake Moraine

If you have time after visiting Lake Louise, you should also hit up Lake Moraine. It’s a super quick drive over (less than 5 minutes), and you get some more amazing views. At Lake Moraine, you have to walk up a bit, but the view it totally worth it! The walk is well-marked as it’s very popular, so don’t worry about losing your way.

Lake Louise Engagement Inspiration?

Has this inspired you to get your S/O, pack your bags, and get an Engagement Session at Lake Louise? If you want any more goodies on what to do in the are, check out their official where they have alll the info here.

Photo credit?? Me and my husband Jake took all the photos! We are Wedding Photographers, and we seriously love what we do. If you’re planning a trip to Canada or anywhere in Europe (we’re based in Spain!), and want to have an amazing experience AND get amazing photos, we’re your people. Contact us to get photos like these for your trip!!