Madrid Elopement at Almudena Cathedral

Madrid is one of those cities that doesn’t always make the top on “must see” cities in Spain, ’cause it doesn’t have the ocean, or warm weather all year round. BUT what you can expect from Madrid is that it is one of the most unique cities in all of Spain. You won’t find anything like it! If you think that Spain is just beaches and bikinis, then you have yet to explore the real wonders of the heart of Spain— downtown Madrid, especially some of the most iconic locations. That’s mostly why I want to share with you this elopement— a Madrid Elopement at Almudena Cathedral.

Madrid Elopements

As a part of our job as wedding photographers in Madrid, Jake and I location-scout for all the best places to elope, get married, and propose in Madrid! The spring brings warm weather starting in mid-February, and with the weather changes the trees start budding. The first thing that flowers here in Madrid are the almond trees, which are well-scattered all throughout the city.

Almudena Cathedral | Catedral de la Almudena

If you’re hoping to come and elope in Madrid, you’ve gotta hit up Catedral de la Almudena and the Palacio Real, two of Madrid’s most popular sightseeing places along with Retiro Park. These buildings are famous and loved for a reason— they are jaw dropping the first time you see them. For any first time visitors in Madrid, this is the perfect spot for a romantic and magical elopement backdrop.

For this elopement in particular, they hired us for 4 hours and we started at Campo del Moro for their elopement ceremony, then we went and took photos at the Palacio Real, the Almudena Cathedral courtyard, and then we whisked up a 5-minute walk to a viewpoint of the cathedral for the last photos. Keep scrolling to see how they turned out!

Preparing for your Madrid Elopement at Almudena Cathedral

If you’re thinking to elope in Madrid, hurray! Now that you’re planning your Madrid Elopement, there are some things to consider, especially if you want it to turn out anything like these photos. But don’t worry, we’ve got it all figured out! Here’s our best tips for preparing and having success with your Madrid Elopement at Almudena Cathedral:

  1. Plan for a good time of dayTo beat harsh sunlight, the best times for photoshoots in Madrid is right before sunset. If you inquire with us, we’ll compile the perfect elopement schedule based on what you have planned for the day.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes! You won’t regret this one! We usually walk quite a bit when doing elopements downtown— there’s just so much to see and take photos of! Bringing or wearing a pair of comfy shoes to at least walk from one place to another is something we always suggest.
  3. Bring props, or something that represents you as a couple. We love when couples make their elopement unique, so go ahead and bring that guitar, those hand-written vows, a picnic, a bouquet— we want to enhance your plans for the day and photograph whatever you like doing most together.
  4. Be aware of any park and garden closing times. Elopements in Madrid are very easy as almost any garden or park would be a good choice. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that there are schedules of opening and closing for some of these locations. Make sure you stay up to date and check their websites.

Why Elope in Madrid?

Now, we’ve all seen the typical wedding photos that can be corny sometimes, haven’t we? Maybe you’re just not convinced of the “typical” elopement photos you’ve seen (some are a bit cringey). But in Madrid, you have endless options for a beautifully European and unique to Spain elopement. Your friends and family will be blown away by how unique your elopement photos are!

Top Madrid Elopement Photographers

One name: Jake + Genessa Photography!

So, I hope this has been helpful for you as you plan your Madrid elopement photos! And, there’s a bunch more tips and tricks that you can feel free to contact us about!

Thanks for checking out this Madrid Elopement at Almudena Cathedral! Are you still looking for your elopement photographer? Pick us! We would love to hang out and get to know you better, and you’ll get amazing photos! Contact us here to have your elopement photos by us!

Madrid Couple + Elopement Packages

Our elopement packages are about so much more than just photography. You not only get unlimited support from us, but we do it with all our hearts. We’ll guide you through the whole process of planning your elopement in Madrid or Spain, helping you to find the most epic locations for your photos.

Our Madrid elopement packages range from 500€ to 1500€ and include all travel expenses.

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