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Meet Mau + Ivan

This winter after wedding photoshoot with Mau and Ivan PROVE that winter weddings can be just as beautiful as summer wedding! Mau came all the way to Spain from Costa Rica to be with Ivan… now, that is dedication!

A little north of Madrid in an area called Rascafría, there’s a special place for Mau and Ivan. We were stoked when they told us that’s where they wanted to take after wedding photos at!

Winter After Wedding Photoshoots in Rascafría

This place is no doubt beautiful in the summer, but in winter it’ll surprise you! There’s a park there that has tall trees, a small lake, cute places to sit, and little bridges to cross. It’s really romantic, actually. If you’ve ever wondered what an after-wedding photoshoot is, or why to do one, read this.

A little later, we just happened to find the coolest location to take some shots at! It was a teepee! We thought it was a super cool spot to stop for a few minutes.

A Wedding Dress with a Long Train

Mau had a STUNNING dress. So, we really wanted to get some photos of what made it stand out, capture the uniqueness of her style. We had them stand on a small bridge, and then draped her dress over the edge so that the dress flowed down beautifully. If you want to get more inspo on which dress to pick that fits you, check out our Pinterest that has some super inspiring stuff!

As the sun was setting, the sky turned a soft pink colour, which is my absolute favourite thing, ahh! So of course, we needed to capture as well. Because it was starting to get cold, we took these shots super fast and then wrapped up. When doing a winter after wedding photoshoot, it’s a good idea to bring some things like blankets, gloves, and scarves !

Grab Some Grub

By the time we were done, Ivan suggested we hip up McDonald’s– and really, we would never pass that up! As soon as we got our food, we dug in. We all were starving! Then we enjoyed the rest of the evening with two new friends. So glad we were able to hang out with these gems!

Words from Mau + Ivan