Barrier Lake Photoshoot

Travelling has kept us on the go a lot of the time, but every now and then we like making trips back to Canada. I (Genessa) am actually from Canada so it’s always a trip we try to make to see family, friends, and also do what we love: take photos. I was in the Kananaskis County area, and had the perfect opportunity to take some awesome photos with Evian + Josh! This Photoshoot at Barrier Lake was one of my favs!

Barrier Lake Hike

We decided to ditch the cliche Lake Moraine or Lake Louise and actually try hiking up a bit to get some REAL views! We looked at some of our options and we found Barrier Lake, which is just as green/blue as the other super popular lakes in the area. So, we opted for the road less travelled. The hike wasn’t well marked, but we made our way, determined…

Barrier Lake View

… And let me tell you: the views DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I mean, you can see the photos. They’re breathtaking. We found a little spot where the view of Barrier Lake was perfect, and we started with some shots. I really wanna note that the colour of the lake in these photos hasn’t been photoshopped at all! It really was that colour. Like, it’s pretty much magic.

P. S. Hiking with a camera and extra equipment is harder than I thought!

The Lakeside

After we got all the shots we wanted to from the view, we hiked on back down to take some photos at the lakeside. This Photoshoot at Barrier Lake, Canada is one of the prettiest spots I’ve ever taken photos at! If you’re thinking about travelling to Canada and seeing Banff, you also have to check out Kananaskis County.

Also, feel free to send us an email or dm with any questions! We know our way around some of the nicest places in Canada.