Toledo Destination Wedding at Cigarral de las Mercedes

Spain is one of those countries that we dream about, sort of like in a fairy tale. Like, how charming would it be to get married in a Spanish finca with tons of history, right? If that’s what you’ve been thinking, you need to read this blog. You may think that the best of Spain is Málaga, or maybe even Barcelona. Thing is, what you can expect from Spain is so much more! You have yet to explore the real wonders of the heart of Spain— which includes this Toledo Destination Wedding at Cigarral de las Mercedes with some amazing ceremony views. That’s mostly why I want to share with you this incredible wedding day— a Toledo Destination Wedding at Cigarral de las Mercedes.

Wedding Ceremony Exit at Cigarral de las Mercedes, Toledo.

Having a Destination Wedding in Toledo

If you’re searching around Spain for the most charming finca to get married at in Spain, then you’ve come to the right spot! I’ll tell you (and show you) exactly what it’s like having your wedding at Cigarral de las Mercedes, Toledo, Spain. I’ll start by showing you a full day from a real wedding that me and my husband photographed this year, then I’ll give you some handy tips that will be super helpful for you in making your decision. Either way, I’m glad you’re here and that you stumbled upon our photography website. All these photos were taken by us and we hope you love them enough to bring us back here to photograph YOUR Toledo wedding!

Toledo Destination Wedding— Cigarral de las Mercedes

Toledo is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. If you want a wedding venue in the heart of this charming city you’ll find some pretty amazing fincas.

El Cigarral de las Mercedes is one of our favourite venues in the city of Toledo, and you’ll see why. Not only is it one of the most coveted wedding venues in Toledo, but it’s popularity is sought out all over Spain, making it a hotspot for destination weddings of all kinds.

I’ll let the wedding day speak for itself in the photos. If you want your wedding photos to look like these, then contact us and let’s start the planning.

Tips for Having Your Destination Wedding at Cigarral de las Mercedes

If you’re planning your wedding in Toledo, hurray! There are some things to consider when it comes to your photos at el Cigarral de las Mercedes, and these are some tips we’ve noticed brings us success:

  1. Do a first lookWe always recommend to couples getting married to do a first look. This wedding venue has some amazing backdrops.
  2. Have your ceremony later in the day. If you want the best lighting and weather for your ceremony time, aim for later in the day. Midday is usually (depending on the season) the worst time because the sun is high and will cast ugly shadows on your faces! If you aim for anytime past 6pm in the summer, then you’ll be getting much nicer lighting for some beautiful ceremony photos!
  3. Leave room in your schedule for at least 30 minutes of portrait photos on the property after the ceremony. There are so many beautiful locations nearby. Make sure you schedule in enough time to make some portraits of just you two happen! Right after the ceremony or during cocktail hour is usually most convenient.

Wedding ceremony at Cigarral de las Mercedes, Toledo. Photos by us.

Wedding Ceremony Location at Cigarral de las Mercedes

I’d love to show you how beautiful a ceremony can be in Toledo! At Cigarral de las Mercedes, the best location to have your wedding ceremony is the viewpoint from the main building (called “el mirador de la casona“). From there, you have a gorgeous pine tree and a view of the Toledo city in the background as your guests enjoy the ceremony. If you’re not convinced to have your wedding ceremony here by looking at these photos, then I really don’t know what to say! 

This particular wedding ceremony was around 6pm in June. It was quite hot and sunny, so that’s why we recommend having your ceremony later in the day. They had an entrance by the groom, then the bride, followed by a prayer, a saying of vows, a short and sentimental speech by the officiant, and then a triumphal exit down the aisle.

Reception at Cigarral de las Mercedes

El Cigarral de las Mercedes is a perfect location for destination weddings because you can have everything in one place— there are spaces for getting ready, the ceremony, a cocktail, and reception with a party at the end of the day. This location is near a lake on the property where the guests enjoy the cocktail while watching the sun set across the scenery. Later, when the sun goes down more you’re able to catch the golden hour for portraits. These are the moments that literally feel magical. Even Jake and I had to pinch ourselves a couple times to make sure we weren’t dreaming!

Sunset cocktail hour at Cigarral de las Mercedes, Toledo. Photos by us.

Top Toledo Destination Wedding Photographers

One name: Jake + Genessa Photography!

So, I hope this has been helpful for you as you plan your wedding in Toledo! If you’ve got any questions, drop us a message on Instagram or fill out our contact form.

Are you planning a Toledo Destination Wedding at Cigarral de las Mercedes? Are you still looking for your wedding photographer? Pick us! We would love to hang out and get to know you better, and you’ll get amazing photos like in this blog! Contact us here.

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Portraits at Cigarral de las Mercedes. Photos by us.