Málaga Destination Wedding at Hacienda Nadales

Spain is one of those countries that we dream about, sort of like in a fairy tale. Like, how charming would it be to get married in a tropical Spanish finca, right? If that’s what you’ve been thinking, then you need to read this blog. For example, you may think that the best of Spain is Barcelona, or maybe even Madrid. Thing is, what you can expect from Spain is so much more! You have yet to explore the real wonders of the heart of Spain— which includes this destination wedding in Málaga. That’s mostly why I want to share with you this incredible wedding day— a Málaga Destination Wedding at Hacienda Nadales.

Ceremony set up Hacienda Nadales, Málaga, Spain

Planning a Spain Destination Wedding in Málaga

If you’re searching around the coasts of Spain for the perfect Málaga wedding venue, then you’ve come to the right spot! I’ll tell you (and show you) exactly what it’s like getting married at Hacienda Nadales and also why you should. I’ll start by showing you a full day from a real destination wedding that me and my husband photographed this year, then I’ll give you some handy tips that will be super helpful for you in making your decision. At the same time, I’m glad you’re here and that you stumbled upon our photography website. Moreover, all these photos were taken by us and we hope you love them enough to bring us back here to photograph YOUR Málaga Destination Wedding at Hacienda Nadales!

Málaga Destination Wedding Venue— Hacienda Nadales

Málaga is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. You’ve got beaches, incredible beach nearby towns and wedding venues, and some of the best seafood in all of Spain.

What we love about Hacienda Nadales in particular is that it’s just a 20-minute drive out of Málaga city, which makes it super accessible and makes your life so much easier when it comes to transporting and accommodating your guests. That’s just on the practical side of things, though! This venue is absolutely one of the most gorgeous wedding venues in Málaga.

I’ll let the wedding day speak for itself in the photos, as shown below. If you want your wedding photos to look like these, then contact us and let’s start the planning.

Tips for Having Your Wedding at Hacienda Nadales, Málaga

If you’re planning to have your wedding at Hacienda Nadales, hurray! There are some things to consider when it comes to your photos at this specific wedding venue in Málaga, and these are some tips we’ve noticed brings us success:

  1. Do a first look! We always recommend to couples getting married here to do a first look. Hacienda Nadales has so many gorgeous nook and corners that if you decide to do a first look, it will look amazing.
  2. Have your ceremony later in the day. If you want the best lighting and weather for your ceremony time, aim for later in the day. Midday is usually (depending on the season) the worst time because the sun is high and will cast ugly shadows on your faces! If you aim for anytime past 4pm, then you’ll be getting much nicer lighting for some beautiful ceremony photos!
  3. Leave room in your schedule for at least 30 minutes of portrait photos on the property. Hacienda Nadales has so much to offer for amazing portrait photos! Make sure you schedule in enough time to make some portraits of just you two happen!

Wedding Ceremony at Hacienda Nadales, Málaga

I’d love to show you how beautiful a ceremony can be at Hacienda Nadales! This location is perfect for for about 120 guests as it’s located just a couple steps away from the cocktail and reception areas, making it very easy to navigate the guests from one event to the next. The backdrop of the wedding ceremony is the main Palace building on the property, and as it’s surrounded by trees, there’s lots of shade if you’re having your ceremony earlier in the day.

This particular wedding ceremony was around 7pm in June. The groom enters, then some family members, and then the bride. A prayer commences the ceremony, followed by the couple reading personal vows and then a sentimental speech by the officiant. To end the ceremony, the couple happily exits after exchanging rings!

Wedding Cocktail and Reception at Hacienda Nadales

The cocktail, followed by the reception were held in two different spots— one right beside the crystal greenhouse of San Raphael y San Camilo, and then the reception in front of “the Palace“, as they call it. The reception location transforms into absolute magic once the lighting and decoration are up! These are the moments that literally feel magical. Even Jake and I had to pinch ourselves a couple times to make sure we weren’t dreaming!

Top Málaga Destination Wedding Photographers

One name: Jake + Genessa Photography! With over 4 years of photographing destination weddings in Spain, we’re you’re dream team and offer wedding videography services as well!

So, I hope this has been helpful for you as you plan your wedding in Málaga, Spain! If you’ve got any questions, drop us a message on Instagram or fill out our contact form.

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