Santorini Adventure Engagement Session

Santorini is one of those places that almost always gets on people’s list of places to go to while in Europe. This Greek island is beyond beautiful! But, what most people don’t know about Santorini is that it is an incredibly diverse island. It has volcanos, mountains, beaches, you name it! We’re going to show you some of our favourite locations to recommend to couples wanting their engagement photos in Santorini. If you think that Santorini is just beaches and bikinis (although it does have that), then you’ve got to do some more searching— that’s mostly why we want to share with you this Santorini Adventure Engagement Session.

Best Engagement Locations in Santorini

There are a lot of beautiful spots to take your engagement photos at in Santorini, but these are by far our favourites! The photos above were taken at sunrise in Fira, and below we have photos in the later afternoon in a town called Imerovigli. This specific viewpoint below is right beside the Church of the Resurrection of the Lord in Imerovigli. If you hire us to be your photographers, you’ll have no problem finding these locations and knowing when’s the best time to go.

Sunset Engagement Photos at Skaros Rock

As a part of our job as photographers in Santorini, we’re always searching for the best locations for adventure engagement sessions. Ever since we found the Skaros Rock, we’ve brought couples back here countless times because it’s just so gorgeous. This locations is the perfect spot for your Santorini engagement photos if you’re looking for something full of nature paired with some amazing seaside church views. You also don’t have to worry about getting to this location if you hire us to be your photographers as we offer to carpool with us as a part of the package price.

There’s a church viewpoint at the top of the trail that leads down Skaros Rock that we took these first photos at, then we headed down the trail (that goes down a lot of stairs for a good 15 minutes).

Preparing for an Santorini Adventure Engagement Session:

If you’re planning to get your engagement photos in Santorini, hurray, we’re glad you’re here! Here’s our best tips for preparing and having success with a your Santorini Adventure Engagement Session:

  • Plan for a good time of year and day. To beat the crowds, try aiming for a less busy month of the year. April and May, as well as October and November are sweet spots. Try to avoid August if possible! If you hire us to be your photographers, we will create the perfect timeline so you get the best photos.

  • Transportation around Santorini Island. The best and most efficient way to get from Fira to Imerovigli is by car. If you hire us to be your photographers, we offer a carpool to the different locations we pick included in the photoshoot price.

  • What to wear on your photoshoot. Santorini is beautiful and basically anything you wear will be good! Keep that in mind that we will be doing lots of walking up and down stairs (a LOT of stairs), so make sure to bring some comfy walking shoes to change into between photo locations.

  • Bring props: a bouquet, a blanket, etc. We highly recommend getting a flower bouquet to compliment your dress in the photos! Feel free to bring whatever else you’d like to incorporate in your engagement photos. Go ahead and bring your pet, some champagne, that guitar, those hand-written vows, a picnic— we want to capture whatever you like doing most together!

  • Have fun. Don’t worry about the cameras and the posing. That’s our job as the photographers! All you need to do is enjoy the moment with the one you love the most, and make it a fun date night! I promise you’ll be having a good time 15 minutes into your photoshoot.

Viewpoints in Santorini for Engagement Photos

We finished off our adventure session at Mother of Lord Theoskepasti Holy Orthodox Church, which is tricky to locate but is a beautiful hidden gem is you’re lucky enough to find it. The sunset sparkling over the sea in the background of these photos really make us feel the magic of the moment.

If you think these locations are the perfect match for your engagement photos, we’d love to hear from you! We’ll be your guides and get you to all the best locations without having to worry about crowds.

Top Santorini Engagement + Proposal Photographers

One name: Jake + Genessa Photography! With over 5+ years of creating fun experiences for couples visiting Santorini, we’re your dream team!

So, I hope this has been helpful for you as you plan your Santorini Engagement Session! We have so many more amazing locations up our sleeve, so if you want to get access to our exclusive Santorini Locations List, feel free to contact us about it!

Thanks for checking out our Santorini Adventure Engagement Session! Are you still looking for your Santorini engagement photographer? Pick us! We would love to hang out and get to know you better, and you’ll get amazing photos! Contact us here to have your photos by us!

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