GIF Video | Engagement Photos at the Basilica of Pilar

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An Engagement Session in Zaragoza, Spain

Zaragoza is located in North-east Spain, about a 3-hr. drive from Madrid. It’s one of those cities that immediately feels like home when you visit. Cute, quaint Spanish streets, adorable coffee shops, with a perfect small-city feel (that’s not too big, and not too small). It’s one of my favourite it visit whenever I can. When I got an inquiry to do an engagement session in Zaragoza the next weekend, I told Jake right away and we started brainstorming photo ideas.

Photography Hot Spots in Zaragoza

Zaragoza is full of small golden nuggets that make for awesome backgrounds in photos. There’s a main road (Calle Alfonso I) in the Old City area that has a perfect view of the Basilica of Pilar, where we started taking photos. On top of the cuteness of Spanish streets in general, this road has a train passing through, some cool landmarks you can use as props, and it’s lined with hipster coffee shops.

Coffee Break at La Clandestina Café

Speaking of hipster coffee shops, the next nugget we found walking through the streets was this place. La Clandestina Café is one of the bumpin’ places in Zaragoza to meet with friends, hang out, and get some tapas and coffee. Not only is the service and food great, but the atmosphere is super cozy and stylish. It was packed when we got there, so we opted for the patio table outside and snapped a few pics there.

Over the Puente de Piedra

Rejuvenated by coffee, you’ll be able to take a stroll down the street to see the actual Basilica of Pilar. Calle Alfonso I ends with the Cathedral, so you really can’t miss it. We took a bit of a detour to get some photos of the two of them walking before crossing the Stone Bridge (or Puente de Piedra in Spanish) which makes for an awesome view of the Basilica in the background.

Off to the Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar

These next photos were taken on the Stone Bridge with the Basilica in the background, just as the evening was bringing some creamy light in the background to the photos. While the bridge is usually full of people, we found a couple moments when we could snatch some photos of just the two of them.

Engagement Photos Near the Ebro River

One of the things that makes the Basilica so beautiful is it’s placement. Right on the other side of it, is a full and flowing river called Río Ebro. You can do a ton of really cool things like take a walk beside the river, and even go kayaking! At the sun was setting for our photoshoot, the river made a really cool reflection with the silhouette of the Basilica in the background.

Sunset Photos at The Basilica of Pilar

By the end of our photoshoot the sun had just set, leaving us with some pretty brilliant colours! I don’t know about you, but sunsets get me every time. They’re just so beautiful. Once we were finished taking photos, we decided to walk and watch the sunset over the Basilica.

Spain Wedding Planning Resources

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