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Downtown Madrid Photoshoot

Jake and I love travelling all around photographing weddings and couples, but one of our favourite things is to photograph couples in our home city: Madrid! Couples visit Madrid and fall in love with it, and it’s no wonder they decide that they should get some photos taken professionally. One of our most recent sessions wasn’t quite what we normally do, though… we had the chance to do a Double Date Photoshoot in Madrid.

A Double Date Photoshoot

Okay, so meet the crew. Katarina + Anthony and Sarah + David live in Cincinnati, and all somehow made plans to visit Spain together… and actually made it happen. Huge kudos to them, ’cause the Lord knows how many times we’ve tried to travel with friends and it never worked out (anyone else?!). They traveled all throughout the country– the south of Spain, all the way up to Madrid, where they ended their two-week vacation. If that’s not bff goals, we don’t know what is.

Downtown Madrid – Cute Streets

We met at the metro station and immediately had ideas of where to take some cool photos. Almost everywhere you turn there are really cute streets in downtown Madrid, so we didn’t have any trouble. We spotted a little backstreet and took our first photos there. We had some fun with getting a different variety of shots– some in a group, and other of just the couples separately. As always, we had fun with it!

For anyone looking for these locations, these were taken on Calle del Norte, where it meets Calle de Quiñones.

Downtown Madrid – Gran Via

As we started walking further down toward Gran Via, we took some photos along the way. When we reached Gran Via, it was busy with lots of people on the streets, as usual. But that didn’t get in our way! When the lights turned red for the cars, we even took some photos on the road.

Gran Via is one of the most popular streets to hit up if you’re in Madrid. It’s where the bustle is, the hip restaurants, and the good coffee shops are (including Misión Cafe, which is our fav). Feel free to send us an email or dm with any questions you have about visiting Madrid! We know our way around some of the nicest places in Madrid, and even Spain.

These next photos were taken just outside of Misión Cafe.

We ended our time together walking from Sol down to a place where we could see the sunset gradient in the sky! The fountain at Sol was a perfect place to sit down for 5 minutes before we kept walking to get the sunset shots.

Double Date Vacay Inspiration?

Has this inspired you to get your friends together and ACTUALLY make a trip work?? Because it did for us! This Double Date Photoshoot in Madrid has inspired us for later, let me tell you! We seriously had such a good time hanging out with these lovely humans, thanks for letting us document your unforgettable trip!